About “Future Funnies”

New inventions and innovations are announced every day and all claim to help improve our lives in some way.

Maybe I’m the world’s youngest old fart, but more often than not, I find these new gadgets add frustration and anger onto my already over-taxed patience. The new stuff is never compatible with my old stuff and once I save up enough cash from my modest (meager) income to buy updated stuff, a new set of stuff has come out and my recently purchased do-thingies have new updates that don’t work. Sometimes I wonder if the purpose of the updates are to piss you off to the point you think the brand new gadget has to be better than the “improved” previous gadget — so you go out and drop more money.

I decided to play a few jokes at the expense of all the corporations who think we’re idiots. Future Funnies is my way of striking a blow for the common man. For the guy who prefers a regular old hammer over the air-powered pneumatic hammer with the $100.00 battery they discontinue after two years and needs to be sent back to the factory to repair a slipped bearing (that you can’t fix yourself because it voids the warranty). It’s a half-pissed off stab at the PR campaigns that tell you using a new product made with non-renewable resources outsourced from India is better than the product made with wood — because cutting down trees is bad.

Think about that last one. How is strip mining and child labor somehow more environmentally responsible than cutting down a tree and planting another in its place?

Join me and we’ll lampoon the greedy bastards together!

FutureFunnies#1 (2).jpg