About “The Perfect Marriage”

When you’ve been married long enough your friends begin asking how you’ve managed it, or you wonder to yourself, beyond love and stubbornness, what keeps the love locomotive going.

Contrary to the popular opinion of a certain series of trashy novels, it’s not sparkling in sunlight or heaving bosoms (though the latter doesn’t hurt). As a matter of fact, it’s not one singular thing. You need romance, sure, too much after the first couple years can choke a marriage, even if it stoked the flames and got the steam blowing in the beginning. On the other side of the argument, a marriage without romance is like Kool-Aid with no sugar added — it’s fruit flavoured, sure, but it is also sour going down.

But some people like juice that leaves their lips in a puckered state. Different folks getting stroked and all that.

The Perfect Marriage is a single panel slice of married life series that is sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter, written from my own marital experiences and from watching others who’ve made it work (or not).

It might just get you through a tough spot with either advice or maybe a much needed chuckle to get you through the rough patches.