About “Voodoo Dolls”

Mr. EightBallSucka is the original voodoo doll drawing I did that started this whole thing with Voodoo Dolls of the Rich and Famous.

I have a background in tattooing and tattoo design and as a tattoo artist I was always looking for a way to create the new trend in inking. The next armband/tribal/knotwork butterfly, in other words. I came up with a bunch of voodoo doll concepts and began thinking how much cooler it would be if this idea was applied to pop culture and naturally these characters grew personalities of their own.

I’ve even considered opening this line up for future commissions of celebrity and personalized voodoo doll designs. I just have to make sure the pages don’t get bent, ripped or punctured in case they’ve developed a magic on their own.

VDRF_BatmanRobin (2).jpg