Submit Your Work

The Pitch:

You’re sitting at your 9-5 job when a funny idea hits you and you doodle it down. Or you’re already a webcomic creator with a regular series but this unrelated idea won’t let you go until you get it out there. Maybe you don’t want to be a full-time webcomic creator or you’re not interested in diluting a brand you’ve worked hard to develop. Barking Mad Comics is the perfect home for your stuff.

What We Want:

This isn’t a place for kids. While some of what we post may be okay for teens and children, our main focus is on comics for adults. We don’t shrink in the face of “bad” language (with the exception of racist, sexist, homophobic, or hate speech in general). We love variety. So, send us your dirty joke doodles, your political cartoons (we don’t choose sides or show preference — Left or Right wingers welcomed equally), and even poop jokes are invited. But don’t be afraid to send us your “cute” cartoons or more serious topics (homosexuality, mental illness, terminal illness, etc) too. Barking Mad Comics is open to almost anything. If you’re not sure if it’s right for us, send it in anyway and we’ll decide.

What You Get:

Starting in October 2017 we’ll be hosting the MAD DOG AWARDS. Guest comics from the previous year will be voted on by a panel of judges and the top five finalists will be voted on by the public. All four finalists will receive a Mad Dog Award certificate and the winner (by popular opinion) will receive the First Place Mad Dog Award and a prize package*. In addition to being entered into the running for the Mad Dog Awards, accepted comics hosted on Barking Mad Comics will feature a creator/artist bio, a link to the website added to our Links list, and join a #ComicUnity built on support and cooperation.

What You’re Giving Away:

One month exclusive digital (online hosting specific) rights that then revert to non-exclusive digital (online hosting specific) rights for a eleven months, with the option to extend for an additional year in the case of Mad Dog Awards finalists. What this means is for the first month your comic appears it can not be posted on other sites or social media by the artist/creator, with the exception of excerpts matched with a link to the Barking Mad Comics’ page the comic is featured on. After the first month the artist/creator can post their comic on any social media or website of their choosing. Why do we require the exclusive rights for the first month? Part of what we’re hoping to achieve here at Barking Mad Comics is a community of artists/creators that support and help promote each other. By promoting your own work on our site, you bring in readers for your work who may also view the work of other artists/creators on our site, and vice versa. Your work will also be promoted on our two Twitter feeds (@TheAlienComic and @BarkingMadComic) and Facebook page If you have an existing webcomic series we will promote it using our #ComicUnity campaign on Twitter as well as including a spotlight feature in our weekly #ComicUnity posts on our website. That’s a ton of extra exposure and it only costs you a bit of creativity (sharing your fellow creator/artist’s work when you see our Twitter posts would be really nice too, lol).

How To Send It:

On top of being an artist/creator myself, I have a background as a fiction writer, and I have an affinity for the fiction market way of doing submissions. Here’s a template of how the written part of the email should read.


Image files should be attached to the email as a .jpeg capable of being opened by an average Windows compatible photo viewer. If the image file is from a scanned image, please scan at between 300 and 600dpi. Also make sure to CC yourself a copy of the email in case it gets tied up by junk mail filters, that way you can try again without having to type the whole thing out again (trust me, I’ve had this happen to a couple of my own submissions).  And here’s where you send it:

When You’ll Hear Back:

I aim to have the response time on submissions be no later than 30 days from the time I receive the submission. Depending on volume I hope to provide personal feedback whether the comic is accepted or not, however, if volume of submissions becomes overwhelming, it may take longer to get back to you, and I may have to occasionally use a form response. Send a follow up email or contact @BarkingMadComic on Twitter if you haven’t heard back in 30 days.

Last Thing:

Get sending you lazy bastards!