Woof! (About)

Barking Mad Comics started with a dream…

A sweaty, waking in the middle of the morning, after a feverish night held siege by an army of ideas… Dream. Sounds crazy, right?

I felt that way. I already had one webcomic series I’d been working on (The Alien Comic) and a one panel slice of life series of doodles on relationships (The Perfect Marriage), but I was flush with a barrage of new series ideas and one-off panels. Every artist and writer knows what I’m talking about when I say, “I need to get all these fucking voices out of my head”. My own voice is annoying enough, lol. Yes, I laugh at my own jokes — somebody has to.

But as a writer and artist I have a tendency to be a little selfless. I’m always giving these laughs away for FREE (a Like, Fav, Retweet, or Share doesn’t cost a thing, you wonderful, mysterious bastards — but is always appreciated) and I tend to try my best to promote the work of my fellow creators out of the madness of my heart.

One last idea hit me…

Why not make a home for the one-offs and mini-series webcomics of my friends, acquaintances, and people I stalk on social media? Yep, that means after the official launch of this website, I will be sending out an invitation to some of my illustrious colleagues to send me their dirty joke panels, their mini-series that needed to be drawn to keep the madness at bay, and the stuff they generally don’t want their regular audience to associate with them.

Hopefully, a couple will join me in barking madly at the moon.